Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just really hate this life... four reasons why.

One: School starts (already). That means, I'll have oversized schedules and no free time to update my site.

Two: My host backed-up. Hell them (sorry). Now that they've backed up because of some unknown surge, I'll have hard time (yet again) to restore my personal spaces.

Three: The current b****ery in my country. People have goneto the streets and shouting that they're selling fish -- er... the President should "get out of the house" or we'll slap your a**. Result? Total chaos.

Four: Increasing prices here. Transportation, food, electricity, and more. Another reason why I can't update my site: The bill's getting higher.

Yet in all this high wind going on, I guess I'd better live this life... or else I die... early.

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