Saturday, December 17, 2005

A few reasons why I hate christmas (and why you shouldn't, too)

  1. False Messages. "Give love," Sharing," "Peace and hope," and other insipid Christmas messages that tend to tick me off. These days messages like these would turn out to be crap, as they are usually disregarded in the end. However hard you campaign just to make a reality to these fake messages, there would always be antagonists, and there are plenty of them around you.
  2. Annoying Cheers. Carols and carolers also tend to tick me off. I'd rather push them off a building, than getting innocent people killed as a result of excessive christmas songs. Also, I really hate the fact that they would request some incentive after every song number (even if you didn't even cared to hear them). Some might even force you to shell out all your cash. Hell for them They'll just damage my hearing.
  3. Migrane. The effect of exposute to any or all reasons on this rant-list. And I even wondered why I bothered to put this one in the middle.
    Migrane, vein popping stress. They're just the same in the end, I commented as someone hurled me an insult (maybe the guy hates Christmas loathers). Migrane can kill. Stress can kill. Both can kill you. So that's why people hate their brains about to implode, especially when it's Christmas.
  4. Last day shopping. Last minute shopping, as it is called in the US. Here in the Philippines, it's named last day shopping, since the malls close the day before Christmas.
    I just hate visiting the malls, especially during December when people push each other off buildings. They all hurry and beat the clock, as if The End hath cometh. My plans to be alone in vacation in a mall is always spoiled by the increased human traffic in these shopping centers. And I didn't even bothered to think of staying away from malls.
  5. Obligation. Christmas turns into a necessity when people demand you gifts (or when people demand you to accept their gifts). You have to give, give, give, and even if everyone says that it's the thought that counts, the terrible truth is that no one really wants another scented candle. (Wait. I felt liked I just ripped the last line form a book.)
    Just like I said, this occassion turns out to be a requirement in your life. You have to celebrate it, or face extinction or excommunication form the Church. Like, will I graduate if I celebrate Christmas?
  6. TO SAVE YOUR SOULS FROM DEATH!!! Read starement number 3 again, if you don't wanna die.

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