Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two days till retreat

Last week was a bum. I took the exams for the first quarter of my last years in high school. I reviewed, but at the time of exam my brain got emptied.

Well, at least most of my scores were beyodnd the passing grade.


This coming thursday I shall escape the confines of this modern world and go into seclusion and clear my mind of whatever the heck it has and change to a new life. And after that, it's returning to normal ways.

Anyway, I shall miss three days of my family, the internet, and the things I love in the city. Well, anyway, we shall all be independent persons, and this retreat would probably teach me how to live alone.

Our place of retreat is baguio. I can't believe it's a beautiful place up there, and I can't believe I don't have a camera. Just wish I had one so I coduld share the place with you, as well as my ratings as I move on.

Gotta prepare. Two days left.

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