Saturday, October 28, 2006

days of the dread, here in the Philippines

From now until the end of all souls' say, I expect people pushing and shoving at the airports, seaports and other transportation terminals, rushing to get a seat and go to their or appointed rendezvous or somewhere else. I shall hear reports of robbery, harrasment, the sudden increase in fares, and terrorist threats. I would also witness commentary from the people who wish to go to their provinces or elsewhere and complain of the companies' sluggiah performance (geez, you're just being cheked if you're eligible for the ride -- you don't want to get sick all over the place or get your ear blown off, do you?)

Already it feels like all souls' day. People are lining up at candle shpos and flower boutiques to buy stuff they could offer to their dead relatives' graves There would be people who could barely afford candy that they'll just offer someone else's offered candles and/or flowers. There shall be confusion and chaos as the living relatives find the graves of their dead. One scene would involve two or three people who visited one grave all at the same time even they're all strangers to each other -- it turns out that the three people are the dead person's fiancees; anyway the scence usually ends in fistfights and hair-puling matches in the cemetery.

Also, reports of paranormal activity shall befall the news. I would see fabricated spirit photos that would be claimed and reiterated authentic, and genuine images of the dead would be shot down and dismissed as fake and the source of the photo an opportunist. There will be storytelling of haunting experiences amidst the headlines of increasing oil prices and totally deranged celebrities, and would serve as fillers for unused air time until the next program comes on.

And on October 31, kids in costumes that are supposed to scare or amuse us will roam the streets.

As for me, I would stay here at home and do nothing but watch TV/DVD, read books, surf the internet, listen to music, manage my website, blog up and, what else? Do nothing.

(Oh, as for the October 31 Trick or Treat thing here, it only happens to kids with rich parents. The rest stay home or join the family in praying for their dead.)

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