Monday, March 21, 2005

Clearance Signing Hell and Lenten Blues

Clearance: You'll never upgrade to another year without it... in school.

P****ta! (F***!) I've been trying to fill up my clearance slip since this morning. And still, I have just a handful of signatures. If I din't fill them all up by 4 April, I'm gorunded in 2nd year for life!!!

(And I got stress, migrane, and dog poo in the process.)


By the way, Lenten season is here. Again, I shall see people whipping themselves in order for them to be "forgiven by God."

From my point of view, Lenten season is the most boring season in my life. You shall not be able to watch TV for the whole week (with the exception for Cable TV and DVD), do nothing but "sacrifice" the things you usually do in your daily life for the sake of the season, and you shall scream like a moron because of it.

Besides, why "sacrifice" yourself for it? Is it because the whole county, my country, is amnesiatic of religious events and should practice it every year so that they won't forget it?

My answer: They shouldn't. They're just killing themselves.

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