Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Holy Week Singing Marathon Has Begun

Holy Week has begun, yet again, and I'm starting to hear nutty "pasyon" songs again. (pasyon - length of Mahabharata, but not an epic, it is the retelling of Jesus' 7 days before his death, which sounds more like The Ring).

Yah. It's true. These songs make the f*** out me. Actually, it's not the songs itself that is making me nuts but the singers. They are out of tune all the time, like a drunken moron singing "My Way." Besides, why sing like an American Idiot when you can actually sing it differently.

Which makes me remember a story.
It was several years ago, the same Holy Week.
I was strolling around my place near our house, and then I heard somebody singing the same song but in a different tone. I was shocked when I discovered the genre of the tune.
(How shocked am I? Like I almost laughed.)
It was singing rap.

Okay... you judge it.

Anyway, I could still watch DVD during the week.

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