Friday, November 11, 2005

Halloween may have left (for now), but...

I'm glad Halloween's over (Wait. I should've posted this thing a week ago). All those creepy false horror's making me and my stomach loathe and retch. I mean why would those pesky kids and mall staff (yup, even adults) attempt to scare me with rubber masks and plastic suits. I'd be glad to scream and pass out if it turns out that there's something much worse under the costume.

Well anyway, back to the topic. Halloween's over, right. But how come the ghosts didn't leave? Isn't one day enough for them to scare the wits out of trick-or-treating people? Or were their restless souls so restless as if they took too much caffeine before they dropped dead (Or did they overdosed on coffee and died of it)?

One thing, for sure, is that they won't be leaving this wasteland for the rest of our (and their) lives. We can't blame them for being restless anyway, so let's just forget them.


Look who came for a photo opportunity. A ghost (right)! And an orb (left)!

My siblings treated it as a hoax. Why would it be a hoax if it came straight from the camera? You decide.

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