Thursday, November 24, 2005

Look out, it's Christmas! Run for your lives!

Aaargh, Christmas! The dang occasion is here again. I'll be seeing fake plastic trees again. I'll be finding blindingly annoying lights everywhere again. Santas and gifts loitering around the already-dirty nation. I'll be sung by people having false cheer. I'll be stuck in a sea of traffic with nothing to look at but the sight and sound of good old rusty cars. Oh how I love to loathe everytime the -ber months come to pass (from September). Damn this f****ng life. I just wish people are literate enough not to believe in Santa Clause and false carols. Oh yes, say that I'm a pure Grinch, but I do. I'd rather enjoy the noise of New Year instead of the honking of people during Christmas.

Oh well... live dangerously.


I can't believe Christmas is here to haunt again (yep, I don't treat it as a blessing). I'll be walking around the streets again, seeing people with red headgears and boxes at their arms, then laugh at me for not celebrating the spirit. So? I'd rather not accept a colored-wrapped gift box that actually contains explosives that blow up when opened. I'd rather not come to parties and suffer stroke. I'd rather sleep than listening to insipid radio tunes. I'd rather die peacefully than live despairingly. So?

Anyway, I'll have to increase my resistance against crazy mobs again, 'coz they're ready and willing to hit people just to be able to cherish the occasion.

Go to hell, Christmas freaks.

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