Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The prediction of pandemonium

Yesterday, I vowed that the world would be in diarray once a conflict in any of my family members occurs. Today, my phropecy came to life

I was being driven by my father to my designated work place called the school, when we were confronted by anther driver who demanded street space. My father came first to the curb of the road, while the confronter just got there, probably by overspeeding.

Well, I forgot ehat happened next, All I remember then is that the iwo drivers were clubbing each other with insults. That's when the prophecy of chaos I have thought, have happened. And I knew what will be going to happen.

I shut my mind from the world throughout the rest of the day. For fear of armageddon.


today's advice to me: choose your words wisely.

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