Saturday, January 07, 2006

Three Events

  1. My computer broke down. Strange. My PC is so healthy that it wouldn't budge crashing down. Or so I thought.

    Because of it, I have to bring it to my trusted computer repair-man, which is two miles from my house. Because of that, I also have to sleep in a room not mine. I'm using a computer of someone else right now.

  2. Death threat for the chick. Here, two miles away from home, I'm already feeling homesick and seasick (uh...). And besides that, I got more sick when some kid threatened to kill his baby chicken lest I buy it off from him. Man, I'd like to hit him in the bum for being a moron.

  3. Basketball chick. Hell, more chicks. A while before I left my humble home, I saw some more kids hurling a chick. Not just an ordinary chick, but a dead chick. And they're playing it as basketball.

So much for homesickness. I just wish my computer could be fixed so that my life would be back to normal.

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