Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines, Retreat

Uh... Valentines Day, yet another way of people to make money. I'm sick of it.

Today I saw the price increase of almost anything you could buy. Food, water, entertainment... even transportation. These things pain me. Like I would really want to slit the throats of this greedy morons if only I could.

Speaking of Valentines, my sister declared this day as Bumming day, as she (and her friend) shall slump down their beds and fall unconscious. Anyway, I thought she said Bombing day i.e. terrorist are coming to town to make us hallucinate again, because if it did... er... nevermind.


Tomorrow is our day of Retreat, the day when we reflect on our lives, change it, and mess it up again. As usual, I shall hear whimpering, weeping, and heartbreakings. And the bad thing about it is that I shall be out for two days. My recommended daily allowance for leave is a day and a half. This literally means I'll be homesick... lest something entertaining sprouts up.

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