Monday, February 27, 2006


Thursday, 23 February. The celebration of the first People Power in the Philippines still continues as normal. Everything went fine..

Or so we are told.

Friday, 24 February. Classes was suspended, for fear of pandemonium. People took to the streets to protest against the government. There were fears of coup d' etat. I look the meaning in the dictionary. They want to overthrow the government. The president announced a state of emergency.

Saturday, 25 February. More people took to the streets. There were spottings of battle tanks and celebrities. "It must be martial law," I thought. My mind spins like wild. I pass out.

Sunday, 26 February. Still havoc. Marine troops, together with anti-government protesters, gather at Fort Bonifacio to protect the person who is fighting for "the people's rights."

Monday, 27 February. For fears of demonstration amongst college students, classes were suspended... again.

I'm still feeling unwell.

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