Friday, April 14, 2006


(Note: I spelled exorcising incorrectly last time.)

Well, I'm back from hell. Now I can dictate:

Sunday. Palm Sunday. Back from a very short vacation, I was due for another short vacation. How nice.

Monday. I arrived at the scene of relaxation. Suddenly I was scraped by oncoming traffic. I thought I'll die.

Tuesday. Relaxation. Then three total strangers comes and bugs me. Got annoyed and kicked their heads. They try to retaliate, but couldn't because of the weather.

Wednesday. Good place, but no TV. I remembered that the TV stations here don't show anything during Holy Week. I feel terrible and horrible (terribly horrible, horribly terrible). I sighed and fell unconscious.

Thursday. The three total strangers return. With three other total strangers. With knives and bats. And body armor. I prayed to the Lord. They fell like God destroyed a city.

Friday. I was due to leave. Didn't feel like I had vacation. This life totally sucks.

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