Thursday, June 01, 2006


Just a little sight of that word (or just hearing it, even in small amounts) makes my ears cringe, my mouth froth, my nose bleeed, and it makes me want to break furniture. Especially when I have just seen the words April and May.

In my country, June is the sign of havoc. Virtually everything starts getting screwed up when the month's coming looms. Protests over senseful and pointless things pile up, people's heads get hotter, crime rates increase, June brides and June bugs pop up. But the most excruciating thing that has to come up in June is the return of classes. Yes, back to school. June here is time for brats, geniuses, bullies, rich bastards, hip-hop people, geeks, nerds, and lots of other weird types of students to go back to school to learn, thrash about, waste their lives in studying, or just make other's lives a living hell (Pardon me. I'm just being ironic.). From here on I shall start hearing lessons and sermons from teachers, principals, and school directors all over again. I shall experience another beating in life, not just from the studies the "terrorists" shall dump upon students like me, but also the possibility of getting beaten by retarded bullies, as well as the games of "foul word hurling" and "insult throwing" that many will play onto everyone else's lives.

Even before June's doom stepped into the world, it's chaotic symptoms were already felt here. Political killings shot up as high as you could think of. Prices of everything (petrol, wet market, dry market, stocks, transportation, etc.) had gone so haywire that virtually everyone couldn't afford almost anything, except a square meal every other day or so. With so much suffering this country has suffered, there were threats of destabilization, protests, rebellion, and impending doom. Even so, there is no way of preventing or curing the tornado of problems that is pestering this world.

And yet I have still managed to survive.

(Happy Wedding to those who are planning to be June brides and bugs.)

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