Friday, May 12, 2006


Summer is supposed to be hot. Unfortunately, today was different.

A while ago it rained. Weird, because it supposed to be summer then. I thought the weather repoters were right. Actually, they were... on a different angle.

The meteorlogists found a tropical storm heading the capital of the Philippines, where, unfortunately, I live in. As a result, we're drenched. So am I. But I was grateful. At least the pressure-cooker climate was cooled down a little bit.

Whatever is next... I don't know.


Some time ago I decided to go beyond my blog and tried surfing other people's Bloggers. And wherever I go, there's nothing special about them. Just another person's life: plain. There were also international Bloggers, their languages unpredictable (some blog's text ended up showing squares instead of the expected text). There were also some blogs that pretty looks like it isn't: many looked like it was created to blind the audience with it's eye-candy design. Some weren't really blogs at all. Others are too old to be called blogs: they looked abandoned. And there were blogs that didn't really contain personal life stories. There were plenty that really looked like a newsroom.

But anyway. It's not really important about what the blogs contain. The inportant thing is: I'm thankful there are plenty of people writing on a diary.


Anyway, it's still raining outside. And it's a pretty good sight. Catch you later.

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