Thursday, July 13, 2006


Tuesday. July 12, 2006. In the morning I was greeted with rainy days. Thought it was just rain. Continued to school.

Wednesday. July 13, 2006. Our classes were cut to noon. Strong rains that has caused numerous floods were the reason. We have to be evacuated or else we would be going home drenched in flood water with rat fink, mosquito eggs, and salmonella. Also reports of landslides in a favourite tourist spot, Baguio. No casualties yet, but a barangay offcial* got buried in one of the landslides. Sigh of relief and despair.

Thursday. July 14, 2006. Just found out that there are no classes, because the government had declared it. The reason is a typhoon had hit. Just found out that there was actually a typhoon hitting right now.

The barangay official* guy is dead. And also two children who gut buried alive last night. More landslides happening around the whole north of the Philippines, mostly in Baguio. Strong rains also prevail. Landslides in my head as I sigh of more despair.

Until I've got more reports on what the heck is happening while the typhoon is still around, I'll stay infront my TV and keep watching. You should as well.

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