Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Universe 2006, Storms (again), SONA

I congratulate Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico for grabbing the title of Ms. Canada in being Ms. Universe. Though I admit on voting to Ms. Japan for the Ms. Universe 2006 (since the crowd went wild when her country was called upon by the announcer and my country's girl just won Ms. Photogenic, everything went well in my house.


Well, another storm surged last night, causing me to go back to my bed this morning. A tropical storm swept the very north east of the Philippines and crossed through the Philippine area of responsibility. With strong winds and rain last night that caused severe flooding in Luzon, classes were suspended.

At first I thought classes were suspended due to the SONA [state of the nation address] by the (un)lovable president of the Philippines. But then either reason would just be the effect of suspension of classes.


And I can't believe they would suspend my favorite programmes on TV to give way to the speech. That may probably be a good reason to hate the president more, besides the electiorial tampering, the unresolved issue of the economy, and murder of political enemies. Yes, again, she shall stand at a platform to speak her nonesense, pointless and fictitious reforms, promises, and things that she had done on her presidency. And she didn't even cared about the bad things she did on her presidency.

While I have no idea as to what shall she speak on this year's SONA, what is sure, she shall have it every year until 2010 (maybe.)

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