Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things I found out from the educational trips I have joined during my high school years

1. They always tell us to "always follow the S.O.Ps (standard operating procedures) or else, get scolded by your teachers or, worse, the principal of your school."

sublist: the standard operating procedures
a. you cannot eat inside the bus, unless you share your food to others.
b. always check your seatmate for anything. he/she might have lost something, or maybe your seatmate might have been lost somewhere.
c. do not stand up while the bus is rolling. your head might hit someone else's.
d. always latch tight to your valuables, lest you get surrounded by gang thieves.

2. You will always visit the birthplace of your national hero. I noticed this, even in my elementary years: I always see Calamba, Laguna as our itinerary. There is something about Jose Rizal that convinces every Filipinos that he will be around with us for generations to come.

3. All places have great entertainment value, if not educational value or both.

4. Celebrity sightings are rare collectors item during a field trip. (Unfortunately, I didn't see any prominent personalities going on vacation.)

5. Things can get nasty if the bus runs through bumps on the road.

6. Better not join if you usually get sick on the road.

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