Saturday, November 18, 2006

coming and going... (a tribute to our pet)

We waited anxiously for your arrival. Even before we saw you we already think of things that we should do with you. What games should we play? What Clothes should you wear? What do you look like? We had fun.

And then you arrived. We screamed with joy as you set foot. You ran around the house wildly. You looked at your new home. You literally liked your new masters... So much that your first act in the house: you peed on the floor.

Well, long story. On the first month if your stay you peed and pooped, peed and pooped, ped and pooped. But that doesn't matter. All dogs do that, anyway.

Then, naming you. We were in a little trouble trying to give you a name. You certainly looked like a female when, technically, you're a male. So we have thought of giving you a girl-ish name. Unfortunately the plan didn't pushed through and, instead, resorted to giving you a name of a chinese (?) animal, since you looked like them except for the spots, which are brown.

Anyway, we had totally enjoyable moments with you. We dressed you up with clothes that we know wouldn't fit you and could cause our untimely coughing because of your hair. We photographed your cute little face. We made pointlessness to you. Even if it was nonesense, you were great entertainment value for us.

I really thought our happy relationships with you would go on...

... But things must change, then.

One day, unexpectedly, you started getting sick. You lie on the floor. You didn't want to eat. You start peeing, pooping, vomiting... blood. I don't know why.

We wanted to save you then. But all is lost. Everything failed. We started to cry.

We looked at your frail and dying body and, before we knew it, you returned to... Him...

That's the last we heard of you.

Our mother says you were not worthy for us so He made you die. Our (self-important) father recommended that we'd better not grieve on you, and insisted that we look into our futures instead.

So we forget you...

But then..., I sitll miss you.

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Puppy, Panda.
May 23, 2006 - November 17, 2006

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