Saturday, June 16, 2007

A preview of hell... in a new life

I ended up asking myself how I ended up in college. Before classes I was planning to skip this year's school year. Now, here I am.

Anyway, this is, after all, a new life. So it is expected of every freshmen to be curious about their new surroundings. Unfortunately it seemed liked everyone else already knew the school before they had even set foot on this place. And I don't.

What am I saying?! Somebody throw a rock on my face-- oh, wait. There's a wall. *pound* There. I'm fine now.


The first two days of my college life was partly unfounded horrors, half anxiety, and pure exhaustion. I was tired considerably by the length of the time tables and the location of the school, which I think is over four kilometers from home (and I have to take public transportation now: gone are the old days when my father can just shove me off to school by car). Now that I have thought of the fact, I'm now officially far away from home. Very, very far.

Which have translated itself into: primary stage of metamorphosis to adulthood. OH NO!

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