Saturday, March 04, 2006

New month

February has passed out, thankfully. But replacing it is the hot March. I'm a month older. And next month I am now a year older.

Oh no... I'm aging. NOOOOO!!! I won't let myself get older! Let's contemplate suicide! Just making you paranoid... and myself.

Anyway, it IS March, the (probable) starting month of the summer season. People will burn more skin (and money) just to be more beautiful. Crowds will crowd on the beach. The sea will be polluted again. There shall be consternation among everyone. Sharks will be attacking bigots again. And I shall stay away from the heat again.

I loathe summer. It hurts my skin so much. And my wallet. I can't believe we al have to pass through this season. I don't even know why it existed. Is it just another racket of many businessmen?

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