Saturday, January 20, 2007


Okay, so I've been staying out of my blog for too long. Partly because of my hectic schedules, the upcoming graduation day, and three aptitude tests: one for admitting me to a college, one to test my worthiness to a vocational degree, and one (which I'll take in March) to get me the hell out of high school. Pardon me if I kind of insulted my Alma Mater by hating it. Actually it's not the school I hated, but the students I was stucked with within the four-year stay in high school. I was doomed to be with people whose behavior, habits and tastes I hate.

These people listen to hip-hop and R and B, loves throwing stuff at random (sometimes at other people's faces), and babble nonesense stuff every single minute of their lives until their heads explode. Anyway I'm glad I don't have to see them again after graduation, lest karma strikes and I meet them again as my classmates in college. AAAAARRRGGHHH!!!

So much for putting up with so much ---- in life.


Anyway, the other reason is Taiwan's earthquake and the cable-snapping in the sea. Apparently the damage done by the the earthquake is not limited to Taiwanese houses: the data optic fibers (?) that connects much of Asia to the rest of the world was destroyed, putting most of the continent's internet pull over to a grinding halt. Almost literally: ultra fast internet connections used for call centers and corporate places had its speeds go down to dial-up rates, and as the interruption continued, it had some companies lose much money. As for me I wasn't able to surf and blog properly.

Well the problem's almost fixed, I guess. The speed's gradually returning to normal. And soon enough, I could blog again. WEEEE...


On Sunday, the 21st of January 2007, here comes the feast of Sto. Nino again. Seven days before, people are already putting up decorations over the streets, the bands and banging their drums and blowing their horns, street performers rehearse for the dance numbers, and the marching faithful will plod the statues of this saint.

Well, I'm neither a devotee nor a Catholic. But I do enjoy these feast sometimes, since I rarely see marching bands and colorfu confetti on the streets (if I could only get my hands on a camera I'll post the festivites pictures.)

Either way we don't have classes on Monday. Which made me happier.

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