Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Thing In 2007: Annoyance

Seven things I'm annoyed on the first seven days of 2007:

1. The Block. Well, it struck again, and it made sure I can't post on the first day of 2007. I've been trying to squeeze out a thought since New Year's Eve, but it wouldn't give me any.

Well, that broke my vow to greet every New Year with a post on the first day.

2. People who blow up things after New Year. Sleep was out of the question the day after the new year. For every pop I hear, my mind tells me to kill those jerks. Well, it passed. But I could still hear popping in my head.

3. Christmas... In January. The TV networks are still showing Christmas-themed commercials. That's not right.

4. The MMFF People. The Metro Manila Film Festival is trying its best to keep Philippine Cinema alive. But what if the committee's concept of film making is making money? That's the point when one of the movies that competed won the Best Picture award when it was revealed that it won because it was a box office hit (it made more money than the other films). That wasn't their criteria recently. In fact the committee itself made a crime against Art. Many celebrities and people were dismayed, of course.

5. Politicians contemplating a seat in the office. Elections are due for May, but these people are already advertising. A lot of streets have campaign paraphernalia scrawled all over. Oh sure, it's not campaign paraphernalia, as you people say, but a Christmas greeting. But what the hell is the phrase "Vote for x" doing there?

The ads may not have cause vehicular accident for now, but rest assured it will occur.

6. Upsurge in prices. LPG and oil prices soared, as well as many goods and services. Add the strengthening of the Philippine Peso against the US Dollar, and people who depend on their foreign-working friends will be poorer as the strengthening goes on every single day (and it was forecasted by psychics that it shall roll until the end of 2007).

7. My New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure I'll be forcibly asked when I return to school this Monday. What should I answer, anyway?

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