Saturday, March 03, 2007

Exam, Clearance, Graduation, My Blues

Well, I've got lots of things to worry about now.

  1. Exams. The test covers all of the things taught throughout the level (first quarter to fourth quarter, cover-to-cover). And this means a lot of reading, reviewing and re-reading. Oh, and I have a short memory. So you might have already guessed what could happen to me, then.
  2. Clearance. Well, every year we have to meet requirements before we get ourselves a break. Now this year's clearance passing is a neckbreaker. Because the teachers are deliberately making us suffer: a thesis defense we have to do on one room while an extra activity we have to do all within the same hour. And while that is happening, we have probably less than a minute to have the clearance sheet filled with the clearance signatures of our "tormentors".
  3. Graduation. Who likes graduation? I do. Not only I get rid the "pests" in my life, but I get to have a break. Sadly, I'm going to miss those "pests" that haunted my high school years, as well the teachers that have taught me so much that I should've put them on paper. Well what could I say, Life Sucks. One minute you're with them, the next minute you'll have to say goodbye to them.
  4. Me. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like an idiot but don't know why. I want to smash things, but there's not one thing to break. I feel bound down

    Okay, so it's my blogging status, actually. This must be the worst year for me. And I still don't know why. No, wait. I already know.

So sums up much of the first two months of 2007. Oh, yeah. Summer's around the corner.

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