Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still some weeks before I'm really free

My final exams in high school was over, and I kinda have a sigh of disappointment. Not because I think I didn't get all the questions, but at the fact that I didn't even acknowledge the fact that this is the last exams that I'm going to take in the school. And, well, I'm graduating.


Well, it's kind of hard to let go of people you're stuck with in school for four years. Though I hated them so much, I'm going to miss the weirdness they do that made me hate them. And now, well..., I won't see them anymore after the graduation.


Well, now that exams are over, there's just the gradation to worry about. Though I'm free to do whatever I want, It's not easy. The practice to the graduation rites require us to be in school everyday in the hot burning afternoon. It seems fitting the fact that they're really going to break our necks in frustration before our butts get kicked in real life. Maybe they'll miss the torment they put on us while we're still in High School.

So... I don't know.

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