Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Here's what the news stations are recommending everyone, now that summer is on. Note that there are also some things I added within the list. Which ones? You'll just have to look for yourself. And this list is applicable if you're in the Philippines, under the summer heat.

  1. when going outside when the sun is wide open, wear sunblock with at least spf 2000; and
  2. use an umbrella, for crying out loud. you could get skin cancer.
  3. getting an air conditioning unit would be highly recommended for those who prefer staying indoors. because the sun's heat this 2007 is, strangely, going through walls.
  4. make sure you don't sweat too much -- drink lots of water and juices. better yet, go to beaches or swimming pools... that is, if you could stand the sea of people who has the same idea (unless you get a private beach/pool?)
  5. with the elections just two months away, electorates are spewing so much steam from their tv ads, radio commercials, and campaign posters that it contributes to the destruction of the earth. better make those dingbats who make false claims and nonexistent promises shut up, or else we all die.
  6. cuaresma (holy week) is just around the corner. you don't need to do penitencia by whipping yourselves or getting crucified on the cross. just bathe in radioactive sunlight for the rest of the holy week and your sins are forgiven. oh, too bad my birthday always falls on the holy week, but I'm so glad I'm not catholic.
  7. stop tanning -- you'll look ugly if you continue baking yourself.
  8. the heat is aggravating all of us and killing our brain cells. and so everyone is starting to get dumb, cranky or weird. like i said, get an umbrella (don't get the one in which you can put it on your head like a hat).
  9. everyone's using the airconditioning units and electric fans at full power. that means, after summer you'll have an extraordinarily high electric bill that would keep you hot in the rainy season. so conserve.
  10. just wish that those native americans come here in the Philippines and do the rain dances they usually do when there's famine in their land.

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