Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Hundred! (and summer misery)

And I proclaim this the (un-)official 100th post in my blog.

Uh, now what?


I'm glad the Holy Week's over. Imagine doing and being nothing for seven days because the establishments (except the catholic curches) are closed and the TV stations are airing static, if not Holy Week specials (cable TV subscribers are excempted).


Like I have said before, my mind has been deactivated by the summer heat. And this summer may not be over until June (it should've been May. Unfortunately, May is election month and the heat coming from the mouth of the senatoriables convincing the people to vote for them would add up to the heat of the millions of people itching to place their bets, er, votes). My mind can't work when it's hot (of course, basic daily actions are spared) so my plans to enjoy summer are ruined because of the heat wave.

Oh. And college. My butt will be kicked in the real world now. Not to mention that I will never see the life I had during my early years ever again: I will have to support my own and look after myself from then. No more allowance, free boarding, free food, anything from my parents. And I can't celebrate my own birthdays anymore: I have to have money becore I could. It really makes me wish that I was just a kid forever, but we all know that we would have to go on.

And here I am loafing in my house. Thinking of how long this misery would last.


My birthday's on April 14. I'll be an adult by then.

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