Wednesday, May 09, 2007

kyaaaa..... (the most annoying summer)

1. Global Warmeeeeeng!!! In a few years time, the whole world would be sinking into the ocean a la Atlantis. The ice caps have melted so much that some islands in the Pacific are starting to get flooded with seawater. Even in one US state there is environmental trouble uprising due to the effects of global warming. And experts say that if we'd continue to screw up Mother Nature, we'd be nonexistent before the half-century (sadly for the future generation).

2. Hell-eeeeeeeections!!! Hell with those people running for some seat in the government office because they're producing too much sound pollution by bombarding us with insipid music telling us to vote for them or we die. Hell with them because they're vandalizing the nation by putting up "Vote for me" posters anywhere they could put them on. Hell with them because they give us impossible promises, even those they could provide immediately (yes, even simple stuff they couldn't put into action). Hell with them because, well, they're just plain useless.

3. Colleeeeeeeeeege!!! Ah, tertiary education. Isn't it great. I don't buy it. It's gonna be a big pain in the butt because there's more into college than dumping yourself (or getting dumped) into mountains of books, notes, and learning paraphernalia that the profs' are gonna provide. Anyway, going to college for me is an equivalent of accepting adulthood, which I refuse to take. I want to stay young. But then again, we live in a universe where everyone has to go someday. So there's nothing we could do.

4. The Bloooooooock!!! Ooh, my brain hurts. Now I'd kinda wonder when this will be over.

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