Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmax Report: New Year already?

  • Every Christmas day in the Philippines, children come to their grandfather, grandmother, godfather, godmother's houses to show before them how good they have been this year. Then ask for money. After they collect a huge amount form their mawmys and dahdies, said children would go out to spend their hard-earned cash to the commercial businesses that do nothing other than make us spend.
  • Following the get-rich-quick scheme of children (including me), the mall population shot up several levels. Having money to buy whatever the heck they want, they go to these desire-giving places to grab the stuff they always wanted. Well, that is if they could get to it first, because everyone is buying it. Plus, if the store actually excused itself form the holiday festivities, you have to go back when it opens again.
  • Christmas Day felt like New Year's day. The "rich" kids bought fireworks, bombs and PVC bombs to make them explode and drive us nuts. Already our ear drums are getting thinner by the sudden bursts of sound and we could end up strangling or dousing those people in gasoline.
  • People are randomly throwing fireworks at innocent passersby. Me and my sister almost had our ear blown because of a drunken guy throwing explosives. Thank god the guy was arrested. Wait, what's that thing with smoke coming out of it? Omighod, it's explosives! RUN!
  • Even at Christmas Day people were having a feast.
  • While everyone enjoyed Christmas, I don't. I'm still waiting for New Year to come.

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