Friday, December 01, 2006

Today is December 1

Well, it's the start of the cold season already. Now it's the start of the 24-day wait for Christmas. And gaawd, there is something in Christmas that I hate. No, not that Jesus was born on this day. It's something the people do during this holiday season that I hate. And I'll just post that later on when my mind is set.

Speaking of Christmas, I already see people hanging Christmas decor on their houses. And on every other block I see lights, trees... and Santa Clauses? (Yeah, they really believe that Santa's gonna go down their chimneys to send out gifts to children when, in fact, we've got no chimneys here.) Anyway, the economy this year, and it would be great if everyone would wish for a bountiful 2007.

And about the storm Reming (Int'l 'Durian'), well, it didn't really hit the Metro, but it did hit the rest of Luzon, and fairly badly at that.

Anyway, I'll have to do other things now.

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