Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Heave (Good Bye Old Year, Hello New Year)

A lot of things happened in 2006. That's what most of the television programmes told me. A lot.

Anyway, I didn't really watched those taking-a-look-back specials they showed. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing in 2006 that is worth remembering. Sure there's the greatest feats that mankind/countrymen had done for the human race/their mother land, or the most life-changing ideas, discoveries and inventions, or those cool gizmos and gadgets that had made life easier. But do these objects and accomplishments suffice the needs and desires of every person on the planet?

As of now I think none of the 2006 eventualities ever had the appreciation or impact of at least 50% of the world population. Unfortunately everyone had different tastes and interests, and these could change almost every hour. So it could be impossible to have attention of at least 50% of humans.


If I were to be asked on what I did on the Holiday vacation, I would say that nothing eventful I did, other than playing, watching, reading, listening, getting annoyed, and receiving gifts from people whose names I often forget (I'm not a good memorizer of things). If I were to be queried about the happiest/worst moments of my vacation, "I don't have one, and I'm still not getting any. In fact, I might not experience one at all. If someone asks, "What gift did you received on Christmas?", "Why the hell are you asking me these things?! Are you my stalker?! GET A LIFE, YOU DINGBAT! AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!


The last crisis of everyone in the Philippines: the sudden increase of costs of foods and services, as well as fireworks, explosives, noisemakers and wisecracks. The shops and stores had already inflated their prices last Christmas, and now they did it again, the event being New Year.

A message to you business pigs: how the heck could the country celebrate New Year if you're the only ones hogging the joy? How Dare You?! You will pay for your greediness. You are all abomination to The Almighty One! You will ALL die!!! MWAHAHAHAAHH!!!


And this is my last entry for 2006. May everyone have a joyful 2007. Catch you later.

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