Tuesday, May 22, 2007


  1. Elections are over, but the counting of votes are yet to be over. Already there are invalid ballots, false accusations, proclaimed mayors/vice-mayors, dead poll watchers, murdered candidates, and so on. The National Police claim that this year's elections was peaceful when, in fact, there are more than a hundred dead on election-related violences.
  2. Summer is not yet over, but there are evidences that it's gonna be over in a few days.
    • Every two days rain clouds come and drench the whole city in water. Everyone's relieved from so much heat wave, only to find out that this relief goes for only 24 hours, and then it's back to having heat stroke.
    • It's back to school in the Philippines. June is the official start of classes for must schools, colleges and universities. Already in late April there are stockpile of notebooks, textbooks, school supplies and other educational paraphernalia fill the book stores. Expect in late May there are frantic mothers trying to complete the list of things to bring for their children.
    • I go to college, uncertain of the future that awaits me...
  3. I suck (pardon my language) at writing stories. Yes, this was after a friend of mine and my sister told me my stories are pointless, futile, and full of holes. Of course, I cannot deny this, as examples of authentic reading material is shoved to my face courtesy of Madame Roocha. Of course, it will now be a must to master the art of writing, since my butt will get kicked in Lit. class in college.

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Patrick said...

Funny how this kind of news never makes it to the USA.

Sorry for being uninformed.