Thursday, May 31, 2007

PLDT Repair Service is starting to be a piece of crap

I wasn't able to surf the internet for at least three days due to the shitty service of the phone company. Already I've phoned the customer service over ten times, shouting at them to get our goddamn phone service restored. And until there's still no response to my outcries. The hell with them.

So now I have to get out of my house just to surf the net, not to mention that I have to blog using someone else's computer (I want my browser customized to my needs, unfortunately no internet cafe wants computer usage in a customized way). And being in a different environment, I can't release the full power of my ability to rant. Thus, a lousy blog.

After I write this, I'll phone customer service and I'll tell them that if they don't fix my phone this instant, they'll have to prepare for their doom.


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