Saturday, May 26, 2007

We're going back to school, yay!


Sadly, it's June again and I can't believe it does. Worst of it, I won't be going to the usual everyday Philippine school. I'm talking about college. And, at my own point of view, it's gonna be really bad.

Well, couldn't shake off the feeling of anxiety as first day of classes for most schools looms, including college. And I'd kinda wonder what insipid theme the deodorant company would formulate this year that would tie-in with the event... or if they would do it.

And I'm not yet prepared to face the nightmares of college. Now that's really unnerving.

Just hope I survive this level of schooling. Here goes nothing.


My parents told me that I was an extra in some sleazy local film that was actually a bad clone of a Hollywood flick (note: if you were watching a movie on ABS-CBN or TFC on Friday, 25th May 2007 at 3:00PM manila time, you must've seen the moive, or at least an instance of it). Well, if that were possible I should've been discovered and become a movie star, and then I'd get out of this low life. Unfortunately, I didn't. So, forget the opportunity stuff.

I don't even know the whole plot (sorry for that. I was only able to see part of the movie, and internet records show no summary of the movie), but I do know the story involved greed, love, money, and kindergarten school. So, I'd kinda wonder as well why I was included in the movie as an extra.

Anyway, both my mom and dad told me that I was the one in which I sound like having a plot to kill the protagonist. Well, now that I've seen the part wherein I supposedly acted, I'd say it was bad acting: I did a bad thing to the star -- a main reason why I was doomed to be a normal person forever.

Or was I made to believe that I starred, at least an extra, in some sleazy local film that was actually a bad clone of a Hollywood flick?

Anyway, I wonder if the video's still available on video rental. That way, my stardom claim can be verified (maybe at least a complete credits list would do). Otherwise, the gigantic TV company must've archived it and made it available "for TV viewing only".

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