Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Murder Talk (Serial Killers, Hired Killers part 2)

Just when everything's about to go okay.

Last night, I was told that the serial killer rumors were just a hoax, something just to mislead the masses. I wasn't convinced, becuase the messenger's face wasn't even convincing enough. He's smirking.

This morning, I overheard people talking about the serial killer. I found out that the hoax is not a hoax. There had been some news in the paper that the alleged serial killer had murdered some half-dozen people last night, he says. The authenticity could not be pointed out, as the 'messenger' had no evidence for those riff-raff.

I don't even know why people would like to freak people out. Maybe they're some fans of some thrillers and they're doing this pointless insipidty.

(Well, there's nothing here about hired killers for now, but stay tuned. I might have interest in being a hired hitman someday.)

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