Sunday, March 05, 2006

Serial killers, Hired killers

"Serial killers in the neighborhood!!!"

This evening, there were rumors of murderers roaming around our neighborhood. (Now, how did they got here in the first place?) They were identified as members of some satanic cult/bacchanalia/orgy where the commandment is to kill anyone they see: they don't care if they killed their loved ones or the resident cat or the President. (This calls to mind the headline of an 'attempt to assassinate the president of my country.') They are armed with ice picks and shotguns. They have already killed some several dozen people and pets near our vicinity. I don't know why they even existed. I don't feel comfortable. I would like God to condemn them to hell.

Now, why are there criminals in a world where everyone is just... everyone else? Why does He allow copious amounts of evil to wander around and destroy the world that is already crippled and about to crumble? My mother said, "It's His way of balancing the world. Increase the amount of any, the world shall fall apart." She also added, "There shall always be more evil than good." (just like there are more morons than there are literate people. I'm half freak, half brainy.) This did not make me comfortable, even if she said "God will protect us. Just keep your faith in Him." I want to hunt down those bigots.


In connection with killers, I read a fanfiction about killers. (You might think that I should freak out because it's like giving matches and gasoline to a pyromaniac.) I don't know why I ended up reading something like that after hearing threats of massacre. I thinks it is nice to read material related to whatever happening to your sorrundings, so that you'll be more aware of that event (and would probably raise my fears of getting killed).

Anyway, away form the digression. The (short) story is about a successful murder plot of some people. It started in a bar where, of course, people get drunk. It was already late at night (one AM, and you think the night is still young? get a life...) there are only five people (still drunk), the manager of the bar, and the bartenders who just want the dunderheads out of the bar. The drunken blutschinks don't want to leave their drinking party. Then some people came in and told them that they should heed the people's request. And so they left. Later they met a girl who, in the end, kills the drunken bastards. No things are stolen, no hostages are paid with ransoms. Just a murder plot. Well, I don't want to give the whole story away. You'll just have to read it yourself. (Rikku's Frist Job, a Ragnarok Online fanfiction. This is not mine, mind you.)

As for me, I'm due to read murder stories. Hope I survive the night.

"Let there be peace, let there be war, and let me die quietly in the bar."

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