Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Over 45 Posts, and One Year On...

Well, I didn't even noticed that this blog has survied one year. I'm so thankful, I might consider this as my only achievement in life. Besides, all of my other attempts to set some records, however small, failed.

Anyway. Looking back at my posts, my last year must probably have been weird, or chaotic, or... just dumb. I started blogging in the middle of my final Second Year High exams. Good thing I passed them all. (Oh, no. I said it. Now I'll fail in the future!!!) Amid all the pandemonium that had occured in my llife, I'm thankful I survived over one year of it.

I might've been thinking that I'm the lousiest blogger on this side of the planet.And I might be right. Only 45 posts in a year? Yep. I Am A Lousy Blogger.

Anyway, summer this year is hotter than I expected. Yesteryears' summer were much cozier than today. Like, what the hell is happening now? Is the climate screwing up? Is the ozone layer depleted? What the f*&% is going on now?

While I'm typing this, I'm sweating buckets because of the heat of the sun and this computer. I'd better finish this off and run out in the open fields.

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