Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oh, bummer...

This is probably my last day meeting the computer. Next week the sub-grandest examinations of my life shall take place and would poke my head. That means before that I'll have to catch up on my deadlines or else I may not get 'upgraded' to the next school year.

Hell, Third Year High is probably the most excruciating part of my life. A lot of things you are required to learn many of them you might not need in the future, but may come in handy someday. Also mind-bending challenges, projects, requirements, and students (and I even thought they're all stoned). And hot-headed teachers.

Anyway, I still have to catch up on my deadlines. I just typed this on my free time. And I have to post something because I hadn't for over two weeks.


UPDATE: The serial killer rumors are just a hoax. The pranksters were found, and were promptly beaten up and thrown in jail. And wish me luck on my exams.

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