Thursday, September 21, 2006

the 16 lessons I learned in life

  1. focus on your target. once you get diatracted, you'll fall down, and you have to start all over again.
  2. "sakaling dumating ang pagkakataon, sunggaban mo na" (when the chance comes, grab it).
  3. never give out your personal info, as it might be used by sleazy goons to haunt you for eternity.
  4. as much as possible, keep a low profile.
  5. graciously ignore any unbelievable yet unusual offers you see or hear of. note that there are the cunning out there who can easily lure in suckers, if not kidnap them into accepting the offer.
  6. never trust anybody, not even your cohorts. at this stage of humanity, it's fatal to lean your shoulder on someone: you could fall off.
  7. everyone is cruel to each other, even the seemingly innocuous ones. the reason that they want to be friends with you is that they want to get a doormat to wipe their feet on.
  8. all are corrupt. only the gods of the official regions aren't.
  9. there are people who can do things far better than you do. soon enough, you will find yourself being the last person on earth not being able to do the things everyone does so well.
  10. incompetent people get to grab the highest position in the office, while the hard-working ones gets the lowest place in the workplace and, eventually, gets fired for no apparent reason at all.
  11. however hard you work, or fight, or sweat for it, you'll never be able to grab the prize because "You're doomed, sucker!!!"
  12. do not trust your luck in bottle caps.
  13. the universe has a warped sense of humor.
  14. "The meek shall inherit the earth... when the strong are dead."
  15. if you feel like you've been single out for eternal torment, don't complain; there are many who experience the same thing, some even worse that what you are experiencing.
  16. we will all die of something, if not war, disease, famine, gluttony, disasters, chemicals, or simple stupidity.

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