Sunday, September 24, 2006


I don't have any friends. I don't even consider my classmates as friends. Even if someone's always beside me 24/7, I don't label that person my cohort. My definition of friend is "a deceptive person who will claim kinship to his victim who, at any time of life, would be pushed off a tall building by the said sly person.

I want to make friends, but my soul wouldn't want to (he hates people). I must be a human repellant: people would walk away from me whenever they see me. Not that I'm ugly, unpleasant, childish or a cretin. My hunch is that some witch must've put a curse on me that prevents me from meeting any stranger, but that's kind of ludicrous in this technologically-dependent world. Maybe God laid down the curse, but why would He do that? Unless I'm some part of a plan to save mankind from the impending doom, then I would accept the fact that I was destined to be a loner.

Or maybe it's just me.

  1. I don't converse with people, so they don't talk to me. Unless there's an interesting topic to be talked about that's common between me and someone else, I'm mute. Besides, in this world where we just wait for the apocalypse to come (whether you are aware of it or not), there's nothing interesting to talk about that's worth everyone's time.
  2. I'm an introvert, and releasing my thoughts loudly could blow my head off. I contemplate a lot... most of the time. Whatever things that blare off my head, I keep in my brain. Unless the thoguhts are to be used for a purpose (school work, blogging, self-expression), I keep the rest of them in my head. Maybe with so much ramblings and information stored in my mind, I have forgotten how to make friends. Probably if I weren't as stressful as I should be, I could've been a better person. If I were to think less, I would have that sense of well-being. Unfortunately, that cannot be applied in my current state of living, that being a human being, like everyone else.
  3. I'm not cool enough. "Go away, creep. You're not one of us," this one is saying. "EEKKKK!! Ay dohn't unnnderstahnd yah. Gayt ouf may fayzz," oinked another. "I don't speak English," says this guy. If I could blend with the current trends, only then I would be socially accepted. But the, I hate crowds with tastes different from me. I dare to be different.
  4. I'm a ghost. As in spirit. As in dead. Probably my fascintion with the paranormal has transformed me into a paranormal entity myself. "Omigod, I'm dead!"
  5. Everyone's friends list is full. I'm inclined to think that this world is a real-life Friendster or MySpace or whatever social networling site you're on. And each individual is a networking account Whenever I try to make friends with them, an error message appears: "Sorry, this user's friends list is full."
  6. The whole world was instructed to hate me, despise me, screw me for eternity. Hey, this could be the last yet perfect reason why I don't have any friends. I must be singled out for eternal torment.

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