Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tropical Strom

Any time today now, the center of the tropical storm Milenyo (int'l Xangsane) shall hit the capital of the Philippines. Ater it has hit eastern Visayas and was due to travel West North West, the Department of Education and PAGASA (the government's weather center) has warned Luzon of the impending danger. Floods, landslides, dengue, rat finks and the like are to be expected while it rains. The eye of the storm could hit the capital at night.

And probably because of the potent danger of the storm (120-mph winds, my god!), the classes were automatically suspended in the typhoon-affected areas. YAY!

Well, it's not funny. Many people are affected whenever the storms come. Not only it gives headaches to the government and calamity support organizations around the archipelago, the danger of floods, landslides, dengue, rat finks and the like are most likely to endanger the lives of the people currently in the affected areas.


Anyway, how I found out that there are no classes the next day was because of the news. I came home just when strong rain poured down outside. I didn't even thought that the strong rain was the typhoon itself. I turned on the TV, which was tuned onto a local news programme, and it announced that there are no classes because of the storm. I rejoiced, and then I read the headline. It said, "Tropical Strom Milenyo".


Well, this morning, the sky is gloomy. The rainfall's just drizzle, but I expect the fallout later to be much worse than I experienced yesterday.

Oh, wait. I noticed that the international name of the storm is Xangsane. Wow, not only it had just finished singing, it thinks it's sane.

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