Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I can't believe a major hell would happen this lovely Wednesday. Besides the usual hell I experience in school (homework, project, lessons, etc.) and the hell I experience both in real life and in MMORPGs, there are two major hells that has happened in one day. Both of them that made sure a huge lump would form in my head.

1. School bawl. We were at the home economics lab, making edible concoctions to please our teachers, when out of nowhere, ice flakes flew and hit my back. The ice flakes were no major threat so I just ignored it, but suddenly, a block of ice the size of a tennis ball hit my head. I saw the perpetrator and hit him with my black book. Hostilities began and everything were sent scurrying around the battlezone. The fight ended when the teacher got mad. At the interrogation room, the perpetrator denied any wrongdoing and stressed that I threw the ice flakes at him. Hmm, they would really do everything to reflect their faults to others.

2. End of days at home. Bad news. My father could die any day of these last six years of everyone's life. It started when my father got a flu and he decided to pee. When he saw his urine, it had blood, but not very obvious, really. He then announced that he is about to die. This thought had me burst into tears because, who would want to see their father die, anyway?

From here on, I just wish hell would fade for now, and not continue for the next few lives.

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